KiDthereum Token

Don’t Miss Out This Time!

Trading in NFTs spiked 21000% in 2021 and more than 2.5 million people are already preparing for the future, building their digital identities, taking part in new metaverse projects every day.

While there is a pride owning an excellent artwork, its time to get rewarded for owning one. There are 100s of NFT projects with native token rewards. BUT WHAT MAKES KIDTHEREUM SPECIAL?

Total Supply
21 Million 100%
Staking Rewards
In-Game allocation

Pocket Pals roams around & leaves PAW prints

Which is collected into your wallet

KiDthereum Token

We’re Disrupting the Way NFTs Happen!

First time ever- we are implementing an in-built tax function for buy & sell, and with multiple use cases.

While our NFTs are highly desirable art collectibles, enjoy the staking rewards by receiving our native token “PAWS” that comes with a fixed supply, which is intended to be used as our in-game token on both our game models- PVP and Kidthereum Kingdom-verse’s game.

Pack your bags and get ready to enter the Kidthereum Kingdom, experience the magic, own, battle, explore and more, possibilities are unlimited. Use the PAWS tokens to buy Kidthereum’s premium quality merchandise and more.

What makes PAWS valuable?

You can exchange the PAWS token 1:1 for our planned DAO with multiple use cases. With a total supply of 21 Million, our DAO comes with various use cases and it gains its value from 5 different means